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Cremation Process

Mom's Passing

“I lost my beloved mother to cancer. She had her cremation pre-paid. I can't tell you how much it ..

Beth, Boca Raton

Cremation with the National Cremation® is an increasingly popular option, favored for its low cost, simplicity, flexibility, and reduced land use. The cremation process itself is straightforward.

The deceased is placed in a rigid combustible container then into a cremation chamber. The chamber is raised to a temperature of 1600° to 1800°F for two to two and a half hours.  The body is consumed by heat and evaporation until only bone fragments remain. The bone fragments are processed to further reduce them to a size that facilitates the inurnment and/or makes them acceptable for scattering. The resulting fragments, commonly referred to as ashes, are placed in a temporary container for return to the family. When metal implants are present in a body, they are separated by a magnet, and disposed.

Families commonly choose a decorative urn into which they transfer their loved one's ashes. Cremated remains may be kept in an urn, scattered, or interred.

If you are considering cremation, please consider National Cremation for convenient cremation services. Learn more about cremation by referring to our FAQ's or contacting us.

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