Veteran’s Cremation


We Are Proud to Serve Our Veterans

At National Cremation, we believe veterans and their families deserve the highest level of respect and dignity during the cremation and memorialization process.

What Every Veteran Should Know About Cremation and Burial Benefits

Many veterans are not aware of the benefits to which they are entitled. Our experienced staff is trained to help understand and navigate these benefits, and assist you and your family through this difficult time.

With an honorable discharge, every veteran is entitled to have their ashes interred in any National Cemetery that has available space at no charge. There are currently 125 national cemeteries, of which 65 are open for new casketed internments and 21 are open to accept cremated remains only.

National Cremation offers specialized packages for veterans. These packages include assistance with the following:

  • Arranging the service
  • Securing a flag for presentation during the service
  • Obtaining a memorial flag case

Additional benefits you may qualify for include:

  • $300 reimbursement towards your cremation service
  • Free headstones or markers in marble, granite, or bronze
  • Presidential Memorial Certificates

For more information on Veterans Benefits, contact us by calling one of our offices, filling out the contact form to the right, or calling (855) 469-9474.