What are the Possible Costs that Will Need to be Paid at the Time of Need?

Video Transcript

Other costs that could be necessary at the time of need would be additional fees for different permits depending on the city and state, if the family chose to have an obituary in a newspaper, if the family chose to have some type of a service like a memorial service or things of that nature. Those things all could be additional costs that would be associated with the actual cremation process.

Answers from Other Funeral Directors Around the United States:

We have several packages available that will fit your family’s need. All packages include a basic service fee, transportation from the place of death, refrigeration, crematory fee, an alternative cremation container, and temporary or permanent urn. In addition to our packages, you will have the cost of the county cremation permit and any needed death certificates.
If you have prearrangements with our company the cost that would be due at the time of death would be the remaining balance on the prearrangement contract if not paid in full, state and county fees (County Cremation Permit and death certificates), and any additional merchandise or services the family wishes to purchase that were not included in the prearrangement contract.

- Abby Schilling
Funeral Director in Richfield, MN

Death certificates, the medical examiners fee, an obituary, memorial print items, an urn, and keepsakes can be paid for at the time of need.

- Jessica Watts
Funeral Director in Jacksonville, FL

We have all-inclusive packaged pricing that include all services required by law to complete the cremation process. Death certificates are cash advances charged by the state that we get on your behalf. Preference choices such as urns, viewing, and services can add costs to your services.

- Michael Sollitto
Funeral Director in Charlotte, NC

Have you determined what you, and the family are wanting to do with the cremated remains? This will help to determine an applicable package for those who are planning a cremation at the time of need. With that said there are only two other items that will be needed and addressed. The first is a cremation permit from the county (not applicable to all counties and prices vary). Also death certificates are needed, but that technically will be dictated upon by assets. We usually recommend a family order 10 death certificates. For example, titles including homes, sticks, bonds, trusts, life insurance, and other assests will need a death certificate for each title to be transferred. Once these items or issues have been addressed, we may discuss package options. Our simplicity package will include everything needed for the cremation process.
For those planning their cremation in advance, the standard answer is to consider death certificates and any permits, if applicable. The question and relevance of what you and the family want to do with the cremated remains should NOT be overlooked in the case of prearrangements. Even if this question has been addressed in the prearrangement, this will still hold great relevance for our goals and objectives in servicing the family’s needs.
Those choosing to prearrange should also consider their pre-need balance. A pre-need balance is a remaining portion of fees on a prearrangement, trust or insurance not yet paid. If these trusts or insurance fees under the agreement were NOT paid in full, then the pre-need balance will have to be paid prior to cremation. We will still pick up your loved one, and we will start the cremation process and work on death certificates. However, we will NOT order death certificates or preform a cremation with an outstanding pre-need balance.
Death certificates cost money because the State charges to issue a death certificate. The fees are applicable at time of need depending on needs of the family. A family may order the certificates through the state. You do not have to order them from Neptune Society once the information is filed. We will as a courtesy order them for the family and try to have them ready at time of pick up. This is an unknown variable that does NOT always apply, and therefore we do not charge in advance for them.

- C. A. Bankston
Funeral Director in Fort Worth, TX