How Do I Use My National Cremation Society Memento Kit?

Upon receiving the Memento Kit that comes with a National Cremation prepaid cremation, many don’t know exactly what to do with it. The Memento Kit has a variety of uses, and it is much more than a fancy box. Here are a few ideas to help you take full advantage of this piece of your cremation plan.

 1. Complete the Inside Booklet

Filling in your information in the booklet and keeping it in the Memento Kit makes it much easier for your family to gather the information required at the time of fulfillment. 

Officials and National Cremation will require information about family, military status, and other important parts of a member’s life, and the Memento Kit serves as a tool to keep all this information in one spot.

 Make sure to keep the booklet and the rest of the Memento Kit in a safe place and tell your loved ones where it is.

2. Store Small Valuables Mentioned In Your Will

While you may assume your loved ones will know where things mentioned in your will are, it is much safer to put small valuables like jewelry in the Memento Kit so that they can be easily found and given to your loved ones. 

You can even store your will or other final wishes in the Memento Kit. If you want to keep these valuables in another place, then you can include instructions in your Memento Kit to find and gather your belongings.

3. Keep Memorabilia From Your Life In One Place

Help loved ones remember you by collecting pictures, ticket stubs, or other small items that remind you of some of the best times of your life.

 Consider trinkets from a wedding, special trip, or family gathering to help you get started. Turning the Memento Kit into a box filled with memorabilia from your life can help your loved ones heal and feel at peace.

4. Create a Time Capsule

Another creative idea for the Memento Kit is to transform it into a time capsule. 

This works especially well when planning a cremation far in advance. Store newspaper clippings and pictures of yourself and your loved ones in the Memento Kit.

 Years from now when it is reopened, loved ones will be reminded of the times in your life where you were most vibrant. This encourages loved ones to reminisce and bond over the experiences they shared with you.

5. Add Small Gifts For Loved Ones

Loved ones may find comfort in having something little from you. A simple handwritten note expressing your love for family and friends would support the healing process at the time of need. 

You could also add small trinkets or crafts that loved ones can keep and cherish for years to come as a symbol of your love.

Our Memento Kit can be used to gather information and memorialize your life, so your loved ones can grieve at the time of need, rather than worry about finding important documents or items from your will. 

Too many members forget to complete the booklet and leave the box on a shelf to gather dust. You can provide your loved ones with information and consolation with a little planning and creativity by taking full advantage of the Memento Kit. 

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Special thanks to Ed Sudderth, Service Manager of National Cremation Seattle, WA for his support and contributions to this post.