Gratitude and Grief: Coping With Loss On Thanksgiving

When you are grieving, Thanksgiving can be a difficult time. While everyone else is eating turkey and pumpkin pie, you may feel left out, or sad thinking about the loved one that has passed away.

The absence of their presence can feel overwhelming when you’re used to spending time with them during the holidays.

But there are ways to honor your loved one’s memory during Thanksgiving and express gratitude for the time you were able to spend with them while also taking care of yourself. 

Why Is Cremation Becoming More Popular in the US?

In 1960, only 3.6% of Americans chose cremation. The projected cremation rate for 2015 is astronomically higher at 48.2%. That’s a 1,238.88% increase in the number of people choosing cremation over a span of just 65 years. According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the projected cremation rate will continue to rise in the coming years, with 55.8% of Americans expected to choose cremation in 2020 and 70.6% in 2030.

How to Write an Obituary

Writing an obituary offers a chance to notify others of your loved one’s passing, and is also an opportunity to celebrate life and share what made that person special to those who loved them. Because of this dual purpose, obituary writing often feels challenging, due to the great responsibility that the obituary writer carries both to the person who is gone, as well as to those left behind.

10 Ways to Pay Tribute to a Loved One

Traditional memorial services capture the essence of a loved one. However, each individual brings something unique to this world, so you’ll want the memorial service to be unique to them.

If you’re wondering how to plan a memorial service, it is natural to gravitate towards the usual services – traditional burials, services at funeral homes. If you’re one to think outside the box, here are ten ways you can personalize your loved one’s memorial service:

How to Explain Cremation to a Child

For many children, the death of a loved one may be their first experience with the concepts of mortality, death and dying. For others, the death may come at a time when they already understand those concepts, but may not know much about what happens after. In either case, National Cremation recommends that you keep a child’s developmental stage in mind when discussing difficult topics such as death and cremation.

What Is Cremation?

Cremation has risen in popularity in recent years due to its affordability and flexibility compared to traditional funeral and burial options.

However, many families do not fully understand the cremation process. We created this post to inform our National Cremation families and readers on cremation and clarify commonly misunderstood industry terms.

National Cremation Society in Jacksonville, FL Partners to Sponsor Health and Wellness Day

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National Cremation Society 2015 Winter Holiday Events

National Cremation Society 2015 Winter Holiday Events The holidays are almost here! While some look forward to shopping and participating in winter activities, others are finding simple ways to help the less fortunate among us. For many, ’tis the season to spend time with family and remember loved ones who have passed. Toys for Tots Continue reading

National Cremation Society Celebrates Veterans Day

National Cremation Society Celebrates Veterans Day The National Cremation Society is grateful for the services our brave veterans have provided for the United States of America over the years. To celebrate their achievements and their courage, the National Cremation Society is giving back to veterans through events and giveaways at some National Cremation Society storefront Continue reading

Celebrities Choosing Cremation

Celebrities Choosing Cremation Cremation is a final needs option that’s becoming more popular today. It’s so appealing that even famous celebrities and their families choose it over traditional burial. The benefits of cremation simply cannot be ignored. With National Cremation, this service is affordable, simple, professional, flexible and environmentally-friendly. Here are five celebrities who have Continue reading

How to Get Help When You’re Grieving

To a person undergoing a painful experience such as the loss of a loved one, grief, mourning, and recovery takes time. If your loss is sudden you may feel that you never had the time to plan your loved one’s last wishes. National Cremation understands and guides you through this difficult time. That’s why we offer these grief support resources to help you through your emotional transition.

What To Do With Pets When their Owner Passes Away

If a pet-owning friend or loved one recently passed away, you may be faced with the question of what to do with the pets they left behind. Unfortunately, every year between 5 and 7 million companion animals enter animal shelters due to the death of their owners. Of these, approximately 3 to 4 million are euthanized (60 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats) when adequate homes cannot be found for them.

How to Write a Eulogy

While being asked to deliver a eulogy is an honor, the fear of speaking in public can be overwhelming. Talking about a difficult, stressful, confusing and painful subject like death can often make this fear worse. But take heart in the fact that you were asked to do this because of the close bond you shared with this person. You wouldn’t have been asked if the family didn’t trust you. Their goal is not to make you uncomfortable or make a display of your grief. They’ve asked you because they feel you are best suited to help everyone else say goodbye and remember the good times.

Digital Afterlife: What Happens to Internet Accounts When Someone Dies?

With death comes grief – and a host of other difficult decisions, mundane details and crucial choices. Among the many things you’ll have to deal with are how to access and/or cancel your loved one’s various online accounts and subscriptions. If your loved one has not left a list of usernames and passwords or clear instructions for what they want done with their accounts and who should be in charge of carrying out these final wishes, it can be difficult to know what to do or how to get control.