National Cremation Service Atlanta Hosts Complimentary Breakfast for End-of-Life Care Workers

National Cremation Service Atlanta hosts free breakfasts for end-of-life care workers at Dev’s Donuts in Marietta, Mondays from 6 to 9am through end of March.

The National Cremation Service, the nation’s oldest and largest provider of cremation services, announces a series of free breakfasts for end-of-life care workers and clergy at Dev’s Donuts in Marietta, Georgia. The breakfasts will take place from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. every Monday morning through the end of March starting on March 16, 2015.

Hospice workers, law enforcement personnel, firefighters, clergy and other care workers are invited to join the National Cremation Service’s Atlanta team at Dev’s Donuts, located in the Grove Park Plaza at 1812 Powder Springs Road Southwest, Suite 2115 on Monday mornings for a complimentary bagel, doughnut or breakfast sandwich, and an opportunity to learn more about funeral services and end-of-life options, such as cremation.

Those who would like to attend are requested to contact Dorsey Thomas, Location Manager of National Cremation Service’s Atlanta office at (770) 429-2465 to obtain a business card, then present the business card to Dev’s staff to receive their breakfast.

“These breakfasts are our way of saying ‘thank you’ to care workers and law enforcement for the challenging jobs they do,” Thomas said. “End-of-life care workers are often in contact with individuals who are facing difficult decisions — they need to be familiar with the options and prepared for the questions they may face, so they can sensitively respond to the bereaved during a difficult time.”

With growing concerns about eternal space requirements, cremation is becoming a more popular end-of-life option for many Americans. The Cremation Association of North America (CANA) estimates that the nationwide cremation rate will be more than 60% by 2024.

National Cremation Service’s Marietta office specializes in providing concierge funeral services that allow families to choose how much control they would like to have over the funeral arrangements and memorial service of their loved ones. National Cremation Service sensitively handles all the details surrounding the death of a loved one, including transport of the deceased from place of death, death certificates, paperwork, Social Security and other notifications, and funeral arrangements, while still allowing families to remain as involved as they would like in memorializing their loved one.

According to Thomas, “we provide options that allow families to trust that all the necessary arrangements will be handled professionally, yet still remember their loved ones in the way that feels right to them. We also provide convenience, as we are able to handle most of the arrangements via email or fax, so that families do not have to visit our offices and are able to focus on remembrance or spending time with other family members.”

Dorsey Thomas is the location manager and Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer for National Cremation Service in Marietta. He and the staff at National Cremation assist bereaved families during their time of need while maintaining high professional and ethical standards.

National Cremation Service is one of the oldest and largest providers of affordable cremation services in the nation. Its mission is to create new and innovative ways for families and individuals to tell their stories, honor people and preserve memories. If you would like to attend, please complete this form at to obtain a business card, then present the business card to Dev’s staff to receive your complimentary bagel, doughnut or breakfast sandwich.

Special thanks to Dorsey Thomas, licensed funeral director and embalmer of National Cremation Atlanta/Marietta, GA for his support and contributions to this post.