National Cremation and Burial Society Fort Myers, FL Serves Over 200 Meals to Families Displaced by Hurricane Irma

On Monday, September 25th, National Cremation and Burial Society in Fort Myers, FL served a community facing devastation from Hurricane Irma by preparing over 200 hot meals for the residents of Citrus Park, FL. The National Cremation and Burial Society (NCBS) Fort Myers team including Jeff Dellatto, Pete DiPaolo, Mykol Figaroa, Marie Hughes, Steve Kittle, Joe Levin, Continue reading

National Cremation Society Lake Worth Office Relocates to North Palm Beach

National Cremation Society Lake Worth Office Relocates to North Palm Beach To provide compassionate cremation and funeral services to a new community, the National Cremation Society has moved their office in Lake Worth, FL to North Palm Beach, FL. This National Cremation Society office transferred two months ago to their new location at 814 Northlake Continue reading

Five Survivor Benefits for Loved Ones of Deceased Veterans

When a member of the military dies or is permanently injured as a direct result of their service, the government offers their loved ones a variety of benefits. These offerings are administered through the Veterans Benefits Administration and can help provide security during a difficult and tumultuous time. The following are included, according to the VBA’s official Continue reading

How to Secure a Solid Financial Future for Your Parents With Alzheimer’s

If you’re the primary caregiver for a loved one who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, you’ll have to assist in making arrangements to secure their financial future. According to the National Institutes on Aging, although dealing with end-of-life decisions is never easy, legal and medical experts highly recommend that people review their financial arrangements Continue reading

Atlanta Cremation Services Partner to Provide CE Course to Healthcare Providers

Atlanta Cremation Services Partner to Provide CE Course to Healthcare Providers National Cremation Service and Neptune Society are working together to provide a complimentary course for nurses looking to gain continuing education credits in Atlanta this July. Mark Musselwhite of Neptune Society in Atlanta, GA and Dorsey Thomas of National Cremation Service in Marietta, GA Continue reading

National Cremation Society 2015 Winter Holiday Events

National Cremation Society 2015 Winter Holiday Events The holidays are almost here! While some look forward to shopping and participating in winter activities, others are finding simple ways to help the less fortunate among us. For many, ’tis the season to spend time with family and remember loved ones who have passed. Toys for Tots Continue reading

National Cremation Service to Host Open House in Niles, IL

National Cremation Service to Host Open House in Niles, IL National Cremation Service celebrates grand opening with an open house and ribbon cutting ceremony for the surrounding community. Niles, IL (PRWEB) 16, November 2015 National Cremation Service, the nation’s oldest and largest provider of cremation services, will be hosting an open house and ribbon cutting Continue reading

National Cremation Society to Host Open House in Jacksonville, FL

National Cremation Society to Host Open House in Jacksonville, FL National Cremation Society invites the local community to visit and celebrate their new location with refreshments and information. Jacksonville, Florida (PRWEB) 19, October 2015 National Cremation Society, the oldest provider of affordable cremation services in the nation, will be hosting an open house at its Continue reading

Celebrities Choosing Cremation

Celebrities Choosing Cremation Cremation is a final needs option that’s becoming more popular today. It’s so appealing that even famous celebrities and their families choose it over traditional burial. The benefits of cremation simply cannot be ignored. With National Cremation, this service is affordable, simple, professional, flexible and environmentally-friendly. Here are five celebrities who have Continue reading

Where and How to Get Help When You’re Grieving

To a person undergoing a painful experience such as the loss of a loved one, grief, mourning, and recovery takes time. If your loss is sudden you may feel that you never had the time to plan your loved one’s last wishes. National Cremation understands and guides you through this difficult time. That’s why we offer these grief support resources to help you through your emotional transition.

Am I required by law to use a funeral home?

National Cremation is sometimes asked whether the law requires the use of a funeral home to plan and facilitate a cremation or memorial service.  In Oregon and most other states, the short answer is no – the law does not require it. Funeral homes and cremation service providers are governed by both state law as well as the Federal Trade Commission’s Funeral Rule, which states that consumers have the right to only purchase the funeral goods and services they want, including no services if that is their choice.

What To Do With Pets When their Owner Passes Away

If a pet-owning friend or loved one recently passed away, you may be faced with the question of what to do with the pets they left behind. Unfortunately, every year between 5 and 7 million companion animals enter animal shelters due to the death of their owners. Of these, approximately 3 to 4 million are euthanized (60 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats) when adequate homes cannot be found for them.

Top Five Facts You Should Know About Veterans Funeral and Cemetery Benefits

If you or a loved one served on active duty or in certain reserve branches of the US Armed forces, you may be eligible for a Veteran’s Administration (VA) burial allowance and other benefits as a result of your service to our country. According to Dorsey Thomas, Location Manager of National Cremation Service’s Atlanta office, “The first question I always get asked is, ‘What are VA benefits?’ So many times, veterans and their families are completely unaware of these benefits until the death has already occurred.”

Why Is Cremation Becoming More Popular in the US?

In 1960, only 3.6% of Americans chose cremation. The projected cremation rate for 2015 is astronomically higher at 48.2%. That’s a 1,238.88% increase in the number of people choosing cremation over a span of just 65 years. According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the projected cremation rate will continue to rise in the coming years, with 55.8% of Americans expected to choose cremation in 2020 and 70.6% in 2030.

How to Write an Obituary

Writing an obituary offers a chance to notify others of your loved one’s passing, and is also an opportunity to celebrate life and share what made that person special to those who loved them. Because of this dual purpose, obituary writing often feels challenging, due to the great responsibility that the obituary writer carries both to the person who is gone, as well as to those left behind.

How to Write a Eulogy

While being asked to deliver a eulogy is an honor, the fear of speaking in public can be overwhelming. Talking about a difficult, stressful, confusing and painful subject like death can often make this fear worse. But take heart in the fact that you were asked to do this because of the close bond you shared with this person. You wouldn’t have been asked if the family didn’t trust you. Their goal is not to make you uncomfortable or make a display of your grief. They’ve asked you because they feel you are best suited to help everyone else say goodbye and remember the good times.

Celebrating Memorial Day 2015: How to Add Meaning to Your Celebration

Memorial Day isn’t just an extra day off work or a reason to decorate your porch with red, white and blue. While many of us will spend the day enjoying the spring weather, possibly attending a barbecue or cookout with friends, family or neighbors, we should all take the time to stop and remember the true meaning of Memorial Day and what we’re actually celebrating.

What is a Cremation Society: Are They All Part of the Same Group?

A cremation society is an organization made up of members who want to ensure their future cremation. Their membership in the society allows them to establish a detailed plan for their memorial and cremation that includes budget, final wishes and any personal arrangements so that their family is spared the pain and struggle of making these arrangements in the difficult time after their passing.

How to Explain Cremation to a Child

For many children, the death of a loved one may be their first experience with the concepts of mortality, death and dying. For others, the death may come at a time when they already understand those concepts, but may not know much about what happens after. In either case, National Cremation recommends that you keep a child’s developmental stage in mind when discussing difficult topics such as death and cremation.

National Cremation Service Atlanta Celebrates National Nurses’ Day with Free Breakfast

National Cremation, the nation’s oldest and largest provider of cremation services, celebrates National Nurses’ Day on May 6 with a free doughnut breakfast for nurses. The breakfast will take place from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. at Dev’s Donuts in Marietta, Georgia. Nurses, hospice workers, student nurses, and other care workers in the nursing profession can join the National Cremation Atlanta’s team at Dev’s, located in the Grove Park Plaza at 1812 Powder Springs Road Southwest, Suite 2115 on May 6 for free doughnuts and the opportunity to learn more about funeral services and end-of-life options such as cremation from the NCS team.

Digital Afterlife: What Happens to Internet Accounts When Someone Dies?

With death comes grief – and a host of other difficult decisions, mundane details and crucial choices. Among the many things you’ll have to deal with are how to access and/or cancel your loved one’s various online accounts and subscriptions. If your loved one has not left a list of usernames and passwords or clear instructions for what they want done with their accounts and who should be in charge of carrying out these final wishes, it can be difficult to know what to do or how to get control.

What Should I Do When a Death Occurs?

When a loved one dies, you’ll have to cope with a wide range of emotions. You may feel shock, confusion, sadness, loneliness, anger, anxiety, guilt, relief or any combination of these. Yet while you’re experiencing these emotions, there are also practical concerns you’ll have to take into consideration. You’ll want to inform family and friends of the loved one’s passing. You’ll have to alert various government agencies and businesses as well. You’ll have to start planning the service, or even make decisions regarding what kind of service to hold if there has been no prearrangement.

How can my family be sure the cremains they receive are mine?

The Cremation Association of North America estimates that in 2015, over 44% of those who pass will choose cremation for their final arrangement. Cremation is an excellent affordable alternative to burial, but sometimes consumers have concerns about the process.

One concern is the possibility of losing or misplacing cremated remains. Dorsey Thomas, Location Manager of National Cremation Service in Atlanta, stated, “National Cremation understands the need to know for certain if the cremains we deliver to your family will be yours. As the nation’s largest cremation services provider and as licensed professionals in our field, we are bound by our ethical and professional obligation to serve individuals and families and to perform our duties to the highest standard of the law. We work hard to uphold the trust of the individuals and families that choose us to help them carry out their last wishes.”

National Cremation Service Atlanta Hosts Complimentary Breakfast for End-of-Life Care Workers

The National Cremation Service, the nation’s oldest and largest provider of cremation services, announces a series of free breakfasts for end-of-life care workers and clergy at Dev’s Donuts in Marietta, Georgia. The breakfasts will take place from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. every Monday morning through the end of March starting on March 16th 2015.

National Cremation Society Celebrates 40 Years of Service

Community Appreciation Party Planned at Clearwater Office Community Appreciation Party Planned at Clearwater Office Clearwater, FL October 14, 2013: America’s oldest and largest cremation service company is giving back to the families who have consistently entrusted them with their final needs. “What we’ve actually done is build relationships over these forty years,” said Donald Politano, Continue reading