Funeral or Memorial Services with Cremation

Funeral or Memorial Services with Cremation

The cremation of a loved one does not end upon the acceptance of his or her ashes. Some prefer setting up a traditional funeral or a memorial service to show how much a family member means. If you’re wondering whether you can have funeral or memorial services with cremation, National Cremation has the answer: Yes, you can.

Funeral or Memorial Service?

Many among us wonder what the difference is between a funeral and a memorial service. One key difference is that funeral services usually take place before the cremation while memorial services are done after the cremation, and may also be rendered with or without the decedent’s cremated remains. Both possess the same elements such as opening greetings, prayers, eulogies, family and friends sharing memories of the deceased, and readings of Biblical passages. However, much of what’s involved in the funeral or memorial service depends upon the preferences of the family of the decedent. Some members of the family may decide to do without music in the cemetery; others may prefer a different order of service, especially if it is for a veteran.

If you are not sure whether to choose a funeral or a memorial service for your loved one, please contact National Cremation for assistance.

How It Works

Funeral services are part of our culture but differ due to religious beliefs. Some choose to have a traditional funeral service with burial of the urn in a cemetery. Others have a funeral service with a scattering of ashes. Discuss options with us at National Cremation by calling one of of our offices near you.

Another option is a cremation memorial service. This can be in addition to a prayer service at a chapel or mortuary. At a cemetery, the urn is placed on a headstone for the deceased. Family and friends gather to pray, read passages from religious scriptures, light candles, and leave flowers and keepsakes on the headstone.

Cremation offers flexibility for choosing between funeral or cremation services. For many family members, dividing the loved one’s ashes into several urns allows for a separate ceremony at another place and time. This gives family and friends a chance to memorialize their beloved family member according to their preferences.

Services for Veterans

Veterans can receive cremation and burial benefits if eligible. According to the US Department of Veterans Affairs, families of the veteran may bury or inter their loved one’s ashes at any National Cemetery that accepts cremated remains. Information on burial benefits for veterans are covered on the VA website. To receive assistance regarding veterans cremation benefits and services from National Cremation, please call (855) 469-9474 to speak with a representative.

Funeral or memorial services for veterans may involve a different ceremony with the addition of government-issued headstones, Presidential Memorial Certificates, medals, burial flags, and a military honors ceremony.

“Upon the family’s request, Public Law 106-65 requires that every eligible Veteran receive a military funeral honors ceremony, to include folding and presenting the United States burial flag and the playing of Taps.” (National Cemetery Administration – Military Funeral Honors)

National Cremation has created specialized packages for veterans that include arranging necessary paperwork, obtaining flags, certificates, etc. and helping you decide on a funeral or memorial service of your choice.

You may contact us at your convenience if you need information regarding funerals or memorial services for your loved one. National Cremation was founded in 1973 with the goal of helping families who choose cremation for their final needs to plan and afford this service. We are here to offer our deepest sympathies and assist you in your time of need. Call us today at (855) 469-9474 to plan a cremation for yourself or a loved one.

Special thanks to Dorsey Thomas, location manager of National Cremation Atlanta, GA for his support and contributions to this post.