Memorial Services: Telling the Story of a Lifetime

Memorial Services: Telling the Story of a Lifetime

During funeral services, it’s not uncommon for friends and family to speak about what their loved one meant to them, but what happens afterward? When the departed has reached his or her resting place, can any following memorial services tell a complete life story? How can you say goodbye to your parent, grandparent, or friend in a delicate, meaningful way?  Here are a few ideas you can discuss with your loved ones:

“A memory table can be anything from a collage of touching photos to a collection of written anecdotes.”

Create A Memory Table 
A memory table can be a collage of touching photos, a collection of written anecdotes, or an assortment of items that belonged to your loved one. You don’t have to stop at just one table. One memory table could be reserved for grandchildren, another may allow the departed’s lifelong friends to cite their favorite memories of him or her. Imagine setting up several memorial tables at a dinner party celebrating your loved one’s life. It would certainly be a sight to see.

One of the nice things about a memory table is that they aren’t difficult to put together. It also provides those close to the deceased with creative freedom. For example, if your loved one was a carpenter, friends and relatives could fashion a special board on which to post pictures, quotes, and other forms of memorabilia.

A Timeline On the Urn
Have you ever seen a Greek or Roman jar depicting the adventures of gods and gladiators? While the deceased’s story may not be as theatrical as Odysseus, you can still paint his or her life story on an ornate urn. It doesn’t have to be complex. You could have one of your more artistic friends or relatives paint the departed participating in a favorite childhood activity, and then create another caricature of your loved one at his or her first home.

But how could you make this into an event commemorating your loved one? Make a luncheon out of it. It can actually be pretty engaging to watch an artist do some amazing work. Not to mention, it will give your loved ones an opportunity to congregate.

Who says you can’t make a film about your life?

A Memorial Slideshow 
It is highly likely your loved has been filmed at some point. If his or her spouse, child, or grandchild happened to catch some funny or memorable footage of the deceased, a memorial service is the perfect place to share it and . If you ever wanted an opportunity to tell your loved one’s story.

Start digging around your house, and asking friends and family of the departed to contribute whatever videos they have. You’ll find some that chronicle significant moments in your loved one’s life. A skilled editor may be able to compose them into a movie or slideshow.

Remember that a memorial service doesn’t have to be a melancholic event. Life is a beautiful thing, and if there’s any opportunity for you to express joy when remembering your loved one’s life, you shouldn’t be afraid to take advantage of it.