National Cremation Society Celebrates Veterans Day

National Cremation Society Celebrates Veterans Day

The National Cremation Society is grateful for the services our brave veterans have provided for the United States of America over the years. To celebrate their achievements and their courage, the National Cremation Society is giving back to veterans through events and giveaways at some National Cremation Society storefront locations. Discover how the National Cremation Society is honoring America’s distinguished service members around the nation.

The National Cremation Service Atlanta, GA location is proud to hold a breakfast event at Dev’s Donuts to honor veterans in the Atlanta area. On the morning of Veterans Day November, 11th from 5:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. all veterans are invited to come to Dev’s Donuts to celebrate their honorable service to our country. The National Cremation Society of Atlanta, GA will be providing a free coffee and a free donut for veterans who attend the event to show the National Cremation Society’s gratitude for their service. Dev’s Donuts is located at 1812 Powder Springs Rd SW #2115, Marietta, GA 30064. For more information about this event, please contact the National Cremation Service Atlanta, GA location.

For veterans living on the west side of the country, the National Cremation Society Denver, CO office will be distributing small tokens of appreciation to our veterans. Denver veterans will receive a certificate commemorating their service as well as special eagle pins, courtesy of the National Cremation Society of Denver, CO. The service certificates and veterans pins will be presented through the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), American Veterans (AMVETS), local hospices, and local veteran’s hospitals to the brave veterans who have honored the United States with their sacrifices and their services. For more information about this giveaway, please contact the National Cremation Society Denver, CO location.

The National Cremation Society is committed to providing quality cremation services across the country. As one of America’s oldest and largest cremation societies, the National Cremation Society knows how to provide for loved ones in their time of need. The National Cremation Society offers a variety of cremation planning options to help make the cremation process honorable, economical, and stress-free. By planning a cremation in advance, members have the opportunity to decide what they want for their cremation. These members are able to choose from a variety of options to personalize how they are remembered. National Cremation Society members also save money through prepaid cremations that lock in today’s low cremation prices before they rise with other funeral costs due to inflation and other factors.

The National Cremation Society also offers veterans cremation services to ensure that our nation’s greatest heroes receive their proper respects. Members of the National Cremation Society can plan using a veterans cremation package which includes a variety of services exclusive to veterans. The National Cremation Society can also help complete paperwork to ensure all medals and honors are received, secure a flag and memorial flag case for a service, and find a National Cemetery nearby with available spaces. The National Cremation Society can also assist with finding other benefits including receiving headstone markers, Presidential certificates, and a partial reimbursement for the cremation service.

For more information about the Veterans Day events happening at a nearby National Cremation Society storefront location, please contact your local office. If you would like to keep in touch with the National Cremation Society and be the first to hear about events that will happen near you, contact us today. You will also receive a free cremation answer guide with information about how you can plan a cremation for yourself or a loved one. If a loved one has recently passed away, please contact us immediately for assistance. We at the National Cremation Society are here for you to help you through the challenges of planning a quality cremation at this difficult time.

The National Cremation Society again thanks our courageous veterans who have sacrificed so much to serve and defend the United States of America.

Special thanks to Dorsey Thomas and Tamara Burkey, of National Cremation for their support and contributions to this post.