National Cremation Society Lake Worth Office Relocates to North Palm Beach

National Cremation Society Lake Worth Office Relocates to North Palm Beach

To provide compassionate cremation and funeral services to a new community, the National Cremation Society has moved their office in Lake Worth, FL to North Palm Beach, FL. This National Cremation Society office transferred two months ago to their new location at 814 Northlake Boulevard in North Palm Beach, FL, 33408.

National Cremation Society North Palm Beach will continue to offer the same quality care they were known for at their previous location. All cremation plans made and services provided by the Lake Worth location will continue to be valid at National Cremation Society North Palm Beach, and families are welcome to continue planning for their futures or those of their loved ones.

With a brand new facility to care for loved ones better than ever before, the staff of National Cremation Society plans to become an integral part of the local community. The caring staff has over sixty years of combined experience in the funeral industry making sure families are comforted and loved ones are honored, and much of the staff is native to Florida, giving them the expertise to understand the complexities involved with planning a Florida cremation or funeral service.

National Cremation Society has already shown its commitment to its community through its participation in local health expos in their efforts to ensure the senior community understand its options for final honors. Keep up with the work that the staff of National Cremation Society North Palm Beach is doing to help local families by visiting their website or contacting the office directly. The website will be updated as new events hosted or sponsored by National Cremation Society come up, letting the public know how they can get involved.

As part of one of the nation’s largest and oldest cremation societies, the National Cremation Society offers the best quality care without becoming unaffordable. Families are able to choose from affordable cremation and funeral services to create the most fitting memorial to honor a loved one. Individuals are also able to plan their own cremation or funeral service years in advance to save time and money at the time of need. Planning ahead also allows one to take control of how they are remembered, and families have enough time to weigh all options instead of making a quick, emotional decision at a difficult time.

For more information about the benefits or preplanning cremation or the options National Cremation Society offers for both cremation and funeral services, contact the office today by phone at (561) 848-5170, by visiting the office location, or by completing a simple form online. As one of the newest members of the North Palm Beach community, National Cremation Society hopes to make a positive impact on the lives of local seniors and families by bringing care and compassion into the work they do every day.