The Benefits of Preplanning Cremation and a Living Will

Preplanning Cremation and a Living Will

Most people don’t start thinking about their end until they’ve become a senior citizen. Yet life is unpredictable and often uncontrollable. It never plays fair. That’s why adults of any age should seriously consider preplanning their cremation and creating a living will.

Benefits of Preplanning Cremation

Planning your final arrangements offers you and your family many benefits, including:

  1. Emotional security for your family

The family you leave behind will be comforted knowing that they’re doing exactly what you wanted. They won’t have the extra burden of planning, arranging, and paying for your final needs.

  1. Emotional security for yourself

You’ll have time to research your options and make good decisions without feeling hurried or desperate. While the topic of planning your final arrangements may seem uncomfortable at the moment, having these affairs in order will actually give you peace of mind and even a sense of accomplishment.

  1. Financial security

When you plan ahead, you have the time to understand the costs involved, compare different service providers ,and start saving or prepaying to cover these costs, depending on your preference. And when you plan in advance, your family will have fewer last minute expenses to take care of at that time.

Also Consider a Living Will

While you’re thinking about your final wishes, consider what may happen if they weren’t made known to your family. Creating a living will allows you to protect your wishes and alleviate familial stress should you pass suddenly or become incapacitated and unable to speak.

  1. Allows You To Communicate When You Can’t Speak

Unless you have a living will that dictates what you want done in the event of a tragedy, your doctors will have a very big say in what happens to you while you’re in an uncommunicable state.

  1. Prevents Familial Disputes

When medical professionals are not in charge, your family will be required to make decisions on your behalf. Unless, of course, they have some way of knowing what it is you would have wanted. These disagreements are often emotionally charged and grudges can last lifetimes. A living will can alleviate the pressure to make the “right” decision for you because what happens will ultimately be your choice.

  1. Make Decisions on Medical Treatments and Procedures

When you are ill to the point where you are unable to communicate, your doctors will generally step in and make the decisions for you and your family. A living will is a written order that directs doctors to fulfill your final wishes, taking the decision out of their hands.

  1. Avoid Costly End-of-Life Medical Bills

If you experience a tragedy and go into a coma or vegetative state, your living will can outline what happens to you. Many people would rather not live on life support while their family racks up exorbitant medical bills they are unable to pay. If you do not specify that death, in this instance, would be your wish, your family may be left with insurmountable medical bills.

  1. Have Emotional and Financial Peace of Mind

No one ever expects tragedy to touch their lives, yet too often it does. A living will is designed to give you a say in what happens should tragedy befall you. That situation will be hard enough on you and your family without certain members fighting with doctors for what they know you wanted but don’t have proof of, or with one another for enough control to do what they think you would have wanted.

Preplanning your cremation and living will is easy to put off, so request more information to make your final wishes known.