Celebrities Choosing Cremation

Celebrities Choosing Cremation

Cremation is a final needs option that’s becoming more popular today. It’s so appealing that even famous celebrities and their families choose it over traditional burial. The benefits of cremation simply cannot be ignored. With National Cremation, this service is affordable, simple, professional, flexible and environmentally-friendly. Here are five celebrities who have chosen to be cremated.

Walt Disney

Legend has it that Walt Disney has been cryonically preserved under the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. In reality, the legend of Walt Disney rests at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California.

This cultural icon was known for world-famous Disney theme parks and resorts, animated movies, and of course Mickey Mouse. He is the creator of many enduring children-oriented movies like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Treasure Island, The Jungle Book and many more.

Walt Disney had lung problems because of smoking. He was still working hard on his animated features before he died of circulatory collapse on December 15, 1966.

George Harrison

George Harrison was the Beatles’ lead guitarist. The Beatles is arguable the most “commercially successful” rock band in history, with John Lennon being the main vocalist and songwriter teaming up with Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and Harrison himself. Despite the breakup of the Beatles in 1970, Harrison carried on. He created his own albums and released several best-selling singles as a solo performer.

The Hare Krishna movement influenced Harrison. He has made pilgrimages to various holy places in India. This is why at the time of his death, his last wishes were that he be cremated, according to Hindu traditions. He died in Los Angeles from throat and lung cancer. He was cremated at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. His family took his ashes to India and held a private ceremony where they scattered his ashes in the rivers of Ganges and Yamuna.

Albert Einstein

Einstein was known for his Theory of Relativity, among other things. This theory has changed the world of science, especially in the field of quantum physics, where the law of photoelectric effect was also discovered. He was a recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921. Although Einstein was born in Germany, he acquired Swiss and American citizenship later on in life.

On April 18, 1955, Einstein died of abdominal aortic aneurysm in Princeton Hospital, New Jersey. Without permission from his family, a pathologist named Thomas Stoltz Harvey removed Einstein’s brain for study during the autopsy. It has been preserved for future neuroscientific research, while Einstein’s remains were cremated. No one knows where his ashes were scattered.

Amy Winehouse

Many people know her by her chart-topping songs such as Back to Black, Stronger than Me and Rehab. Amy Winehouse wrote and sang R&B, jazz, and reggae music. She was famous for winning many awards including Best British Female Artist and Record of the Year, even breaking a Guinness World Record for the most number of songs to appear on the UK Singles Charts at the same time.

Winehouse suffered from bulimia and alcoholism. She died at the age of 27 in Camden, London. A private service was held in Edgwarebury Lane Cemetery on July 26, 2011. Later, she was cremated at Golders Green Crematorium.

Christopher Reeve

“Superman” Christopher Reeve – American actor, movie director, producer, writer, and activist. Reeve passed away of a heart attack in October 2004. He was survived by Dana Reeve, who passed away two years later. Dana headed the Christopher Reeve Foundation after Christopher’s death, helping fund stem cell research and treatment for spinal cord injury and nerve disorders resulting in paralysis.

The inspiration for this charity was Reeve’s own tragic accident, rendering him a quadriplegic for life. His family held a memorial for him at the Unitarian Church in Westport, Connecticut. The location where his ashes were scattered were not publicized.

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