What is a Cremation Society: Are They All Part of the Same Group?

What is a Cremation Society: Are They All Part of the Same Group?

A cremation society is an organization made up of members who want to ensure their future cremation. Their membership in the society allows them to establish a detailed plan for their memorial and cremation that includes budget, final wishes and any personal arrangements so that their family is spared the pain and struggle of making these arrangements in the difficult time after their passing.

There are many different cremation societies in the United States and across the world. Some are nationwide organizations while others are state or local. National Cremation Society is one of the largest and oldest corporate cremation societies operating in the United States.

The Cremation Process

Cremation is the process of reducing a person’s final remains to its basic chemical compounds through burning. High temperatures, vaporization and oxidation reduce the body to ash, which can be stored in a special container and buried, placed at a memorial site or legally retained by relatives who display the urn in a special place within the home. Ashes can also be dispersed in a variety of ways in countless locations, but are usually released in an area of significant meaning to the deceased.

Cremation is Growing in Popularity

While cremation is one of the oldest ways to memorialize the dead, it’s only recently regained popularity in the United States as the high cost of funerals, concern for sustainability and the environment, cold weather restrictions and ease of transport make it preferable to ground burial.

While there has been steady growth in the number of cremations performed each year. It’s estimated that cremation will greatly surpass burial as the preferred method of disposal for Americans by 2020.

Joining a Cremation Society is Practical

Joining a cremation society is a pragmatic way to handle end of life concerns while keeping the arrangements affordable and lessening the burden placed on family.

Members of a cremation society even have the ability to negotiate and “lock in” the cost of cremation and memorial services while coordinating the details of their funeral.

Cremation Societies Uphold the Highest Standards

Cremation providers and funeral homes create or join cremation societies to establish consistent standards for their service and ethics. While a cremation society is ultimately self-governing, market-place sensibilities ensure that the businesses’ services follow the industry’s highest standards.

Ultimately, a cremation society is a practical way for individuals who prefer cremation to ensure that their end-of-life wishes are met and arrange their services at an affordable cost so that there is no burden placed on the family.

National Cremation Society was founded in 1973 to help families across the United States choosing cremation find simple, affordable and trustworthy services in their area. Over 160,000 families later, we’ve become the nation’s oldest and largest provider of cremation services.

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Special thanks to Abby Schilling, location manager of National Cremation Richfield/Minneapolis, MN for her support and contributions to this post.